FotorCreatedWell, well Winter is in and we sure have come a long, long way from the days
of the Juicy Couture tracksuit. What was once the stamp of rich-girl irreverence, and later, a traumatic blast from the past, has come full circle. Remember the pink tracksuit from cult classic Mean Girls? It will soon be preserved as a big moment in pop culture as a part of an upcoming exhibition at the Victoria and Albert Museum in London. In the more recent past, designer labels influenced by street style, like Alexander Wang, Public School
and Moschino, jumped headfirst into the revival of
sportswear. The casual rising tribe that subscribed to the rules of the street, found themselves including more and more of it in their regular wardrobes. Luxe sport has reached something akin to what the status of a designer handbag was in the ’90s. Adidas’ Yeezy by Kanye West breaks
records every time it surfaces on the internet for sales; several pieces from the collection are sold in the black market for multiples of the original price, and proudly purchased by loyal fans. Even Dior’s former frontman Raf Simons couldn’t resist his old ways and sent sneakers down the runway, where couture was only showed in vertiginous heels. Rihanna, Pharell Williams, Rita Ora have all lent their names to something that, until now, didn’t leave floors of gyms and underground clubs. If you think of it, Cher Horowitz wouldn’t really feel
out of place if you transported her from the
grounds of Beverly Hills High School to the present day. She would be snapped up by the paparazzi as much fervour as Kylie Jenner with Norman. She probably would have dated Brooklyn Beckham. 🙂
Okay! As for you and me, it’s free licence to dress like we went from the gym to a morning meeting, only much nicer. wear your sweatpants with sneakers and if you don’t have them then come one go shop online or street market whatever suits you. So be Swinter ready.


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