Stressed getting DRESSED?!!

Hi guys and welcome back (I’m back😁)!

I know it’s been a while since I last wrote, but I’ve been so busy with University, doing voluntary work for some NGOs, trying to find a job (i did landed in but then deciding I better study hard than work), exams, and having a life, that I did not find any time to just stay on my computer and write. I didn’t even write in my journal for the past few days, and boy, a lot happened in these months.
Also, I missed my two blog posts I had planned on publishing earlier! As for this blog post though, I really really wanted to talk about something I usually have an issue with 🤔 like you know *rolling eyes* and that is GETTING READY/DRESSED (ugh). Well, have you ever tried to get dressed and it just WILL. NOT. WORK for you?! This happens to me at least every now and then and usually when it does I just give up and end up cancelling my plans for where I was going in the first place. All because I can’t commit to an outfit. 🙄 Complicated, isn’t it?
So I started to think about why that is and where it roots from, so did some research. Here’s what I’ve gathered.
If you don’t have single clue about what exactly is the problem with your outfit, well, it probably isn’t your outfit dear. It’s your state of mind, the process of thoughts going on in your head.(say whaaaattt!!!)🤯
But it’s okay! As some days of our life we just don’t feel good for whatever reason(s) and it makes it difficult to feel confident and attractive at the very moment. Personally, it manifests in me changing my clothes a million times(ugh😑). But then I realized if you just take a second to sit down, breathe deep and meditate, it’ll slow you down and help your mind think clearer(it really works). And I totally understand if you’re saying “but sometimes I’m in a rush and I don’t have any time to meditate in a middle” then girl. Let me tell you this thing very clear, if you don’t have 5 minutes to bring yourself back to reality, then nothing you’ll do next will matter because it’s not coming from a place of self love and respect! You’ll be stuck in that little frenzy and it’ll continue to shadow you. 
Also sometimes we need someone to just drag us out of that trap but if you’re alone, you have to be able to do that for yourself. When we even realize that our weight, looks and all that materialistic things don’t even compare the beauty of our hearts that shine through more than any stupid outfit, we can let go of the idea we sometimes cling so hard to! Don’t let social media or people around you fool you and make you believe there’s a specific image of beauty because there isn’t! Beauty is feeling confident and being kind and patient to your body and your soul. 

I can’t say enough how important that is to do. It’s obviously a lot more easier said than done, but if or when you’re in that panicked state of mind, try out this approach and see if it works for you. Let me know if it does and if you have any hacks or tips.
Okay, this post is getting too long now, leave comments if you’ve had experiences similar to this or any suggestions to make.

Stay positive.
Hope this post helped you a bit!!😊

P.s. picture source: Google